Peer Support

People who have lived experience of mental wards and psych drugging and also noting what is wrong with therapy and wanting much healthier change.

Care Help

People who give their stories describing lack of care and possible damage. Struggling for those responsible to be accountable and searching for compensation if deemed necessary.

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This website is a clear, user friendly, non complicated resource to find out what is going wrong with the lives of people detained, released and connected to psychiatry. Various people stories are given often saying there is patient damage or loss and also possible issues of psychiatry being unaccountable and people struggling to get compensation if deemed necessary for health & support.

Depot injection robs artist of her creativity  

A video about a patient of psychiatry who has been forced to have depot injections of anti-psychotic medication for years and who feels she has been unable to escape from the diagnosis of being psychotic. Having been on this medication she feels she has lost her inspiration and motivation to be an artist and has been living in constant fear of being taken back to hospital if she does not comply with what she is told to do.

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